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Water Based


All Purpose


Mixa will strive to bring innovative products to the market place that will not only be safer for the user, but safer for our environment.


We recognise that industries must stand up and become responsible for cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions, we all need to recycle more and to do things smarter.


Mixa will be producing water based alternatives to current solvent based coatings for many industrial applications.


The switching to water based products is only part of the solution, we are all aware of the current water shortages, so other measures also need to be taken to protect our most valuable resource.


The goals of Mixa will be to utilise alternative power within our operation, the installation of rainwater tanks, as well as the use of recycled water where possible and lastly the reduction of waste which will include the treatment of all waste waters from our manufacturing and cleaning processes.


By undertaking these measures and introducing friendly, safe products to industry we at Mixa hope to help others become part of the solution for Australia's future.